Ultimate dataset of producthunt
for multi-purpose use cases


73462 products with 23 data points with many interesting details such as sentiment analysis of reviews


Train an AI Model 🚀

That generates the best copy

Lots of input required to train an AI model. This dataset contains more than 70K rows with 23 columns. It's possible to create a service where people can leverage the power of AI to sky-rocket their launches. GPT-3 quite buzzy these days.

Convert Into Content 💡

Build a newsletter

SoftwareIdeas reached $6K MRR by sharing 3 ideas per week. In this dataset you'll find the necessary details about any project. Easily access their angellist or medium pages to read about their stories, funding rounds and convert it into content.

Analyze it 🔍

See what makes a launch succeed

Dataset contains lots of indicators for a succesful launch. Number of upvotes, replies, reviews, the day they've released, titles, descriptions. First impression matters maybe it's all about writing the perfect tagline.

Get Inspired 📚

Instead of thinking "Twitter for X"

"AirBnb for Y" read about already defined problems and projects that devoted to solve it in their own ways. Don't go for the next to-do app, read what others did, what problems they've solved.

Be Creative 🧠

Collect dropped domains

Oops! I've already did that, there were 1K+ dropped .com domains. It's on the market now, more than 20 has been re-taken so if you are flipping domains/websites. Check out Product Treasury.


70K+ product's information
23 columns of insightful data points
Get access to Google Sheet
Get access to Updates
$35 / month
billed yearly
10K product's information (randomly picked)
23 columns of insightful data points
Get ccess to Google Sheet
Get access to Updates
one time payment


How about GDPR?
There is no personal data involved as seen in the demo. All the data publicly accessible through produchunt's APIs

How often will it be updated?
As often as it sells, I'm working on multiple projects as a solo developer. To be able to stick with one project, it needs to be at least ramen profitable

Can I have it as another format?
Yes, you can. Data stored on Google Sheets so it's one click away to export it as CSV, TSV, PDF, ODF.

What's the difference in between Hobbyist and Professional?
Professional package includes all the products (more than 70K) also the updates. Hobbyist package only includes 10K products as a snapshot.

Creator of Prodhunt